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7 Steps to Help You Retain Great Sales Employees

Did you know, 1 in 7 Australians are currently seeking a new role?

So how can you make sure your employees aren't those in this statistic looking to leave your company?

Download our guide to retaining great sales employees to:

  • Learn 7 easy-to-implement retention tactics
  • Keep your top-performing staff (and ensure they remain on track to hit their targets)
  • What an Exit Interview is and why it's the most important step in your retention strategy
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Why Konektamundo? We use the scientifically proven Process Communication Model ® to find a candidate whose personality fits perfectly into each role and company.  

By aligning jobseekers to each unique company culture, we allow employers to increase retention and productivity and help employees find rewarding automotive careers that make them excited to go to work each day.  

We Are Commmunication Experts We really listen to what jobseekers and employers are looking for and use our expert communication skills to facilitate better conversations.  

We Know the Automotive and Sales Industries Our Principal, Denham Holmes, has over 20 years’ experience in automotive and sales, and has held positions at both the retailer and manufacturer level, allowing him to truly understand what employers are looking for.